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Hacking on Brackets (

Taking my second big leap into contributing to a project, this time it’s Brackets – much higher learning curve but bring on the challenge. Got the dev environment setup, and will dig into it late this weekend.

Grunt, WordPress, spy-js

Today’s little project, adding to my Grunt tasks to use spy-js for WordPress development.  So far, so good.

IE Developer Channel

Checking out Microsoft’s latest work with it’s new IE Developer Channel.  Good to see, and from the brief time I had with it this morning, I liked what I saw.  Far from it becoming my main browser, but like “living on the edge”.
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Late to the SSD party

SSD-Drive-icon I drug my feet on this one a bit, but finally last week I upgraded my work, personal and son’s rigs to use SSD’s (for the OS and certain apps for now).  I knew there was a performance jump, but surprised by how much.  Why the wait, mainly because I knew it would require a lot of moving of files, re-installs (I could clone, but a fresh install never hurts and most of the main apps/media are on HDDs that are separate from the OS).  Next up, putting one in my 2011 Mac Mini, and see what new life I get from it.  Because sadly it’s an over glorified NetFlix viewer right now.  Oh and I went with the Crucial M500 line, and quite pleased with them.  I will try the Samsung 840 series next for comparison.
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PlayStation Mobile Project

Playstation MobileWhile I wait to be confirmed to commit to the project, I recently signed up for Sony’s PlayStation Mobile developer program. Initially it was to write a simple application for my son and I’s Vita’s to have a Clock/Weather screen for when they are docked.  While it’s exciting to see it flesh out, this weekend we began working on a simple game (think Commander Keen like).  It’s helping him learn programming, and what is involved in as something as simple as our little game, and best of all working on a project together.   Good times…

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Brackets LogoI’m really liking Brackets (latest code editor on the block). It’s almost to the point where I could replace Sublime with it. It’s still got some features to go before I make that leap, but it’s coming along great. I highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t already.

The latest…

Not to much to report lately, busy as ever.  Lately working a  lot with AngularJS and Node.

Speed, speed, speed

I wish Verizon’s FiOS was available in my area (central Iowa).  Or at least some fiber-optic network, not so much for the d/l speeds but higher upload bandwidth and ridiculously low data caps.  The current caps in place (200-350 GBs/mo) is absurd these days.  With most services switching from downloading to streaming HD content (Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, the new consoles, etc…) plus the ever growing size of applications, games, and so on.

Albert Einstein

If I can’t picture it, I can’t understand it.

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