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Most Popular Coding Languages of 2015



For a more detailed breakdown: Most Popular Coding Languages of 2015


LAMP’s new brother, MEAN.

Belowmeanlogo624x250 is a good all around tutorial on the MEAN stack (Kind of like LAMP [can mean multiple setups]) and uses a framework [mean.js])


A critique of MVC/MVVM as a pattern for game development

A critique of MVC/MVVM as a pattern for game development

An interesting article on using the MVC/MVVM patterns for game development.  Go here to read further.
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Late to the SSD party

SSD-Drive-icon I drug my feet on this one a bit, but finally last week I upgraded my work, personal and son’s rigs to use SSD’s (for the OS and certain apps for now).  I knew there was a performance jump, but surprised by how much.  Why the wait, mainly because I knew it would require a lot of moving of files, re-installs (I could clone, but a fresh install never hurts and most of the main apps/media are on HDDs separate from the OS).  Next up, putting one in my 2011 Mac Mini, and see what new life I get from it.  Because sadly it’s an over glorified Netflix viewer right now.  Oh, and I went with the Crucial M500 line, and quite pleased with them.  I will try the Samsung 840 series next for comparison.


Brackets LogoI’m really liking Brackets (latest code editor on the block). It’s almost to the point where I could replace Sublime with it. It’s still got some features to go before I make that leap, but it’s coming along great. I highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t already.

Speed, speed, speed

I wish Verizon’s FiOS was available in my area (central Iowa).  Or at least some fiber-optic network, not so much for the d/l speeds but higher upload bandwidth and ridiculously low data caps.  The current caps in place (200-350 GBs/mo) are absurd these days.  With most services switching from downloading to streaming HD content (Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, the new consoles, etc…) Plus the ever-growing size of applications, games, and so on.

Albert Einstein

If I can’t picture it, I can’t understand it.