Interface Catheter Solutions

Highly customized WordPress 3.x site.  Customized theme, many custom plug-ins for form submission and administration.  Including a micro inventory system for spare part lookups.

Skier’s Edge

A Ruby on Rails (Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3.1) site.

Avalon Labs

WordPress 3.x site using custom theme and two custom plugins.

PEVAR Physicians

A WordPress 3.x site using a custom theme and a few custom plug-ins (registering for training form submissions and a simple events/news manager).


A large site using WordPress 3.x, with a fully customized theme and plug-ins.  (Most of the plug-ins were for custom forms used across the site, as well as a mini-inter-admin to view submissions and to pull in news feeds).

WordPress Blog and Custom Plugin

Setup a WordPress blog with a theme the client had picked out, set it all up, tweaked it for best performance and SEO related. Also created a custom news ticker.

JIRA <-> SugarCRM Extension

Custom extension for issue sharing/management between JIRA and SugarCRM.