Multi-Step/Dependency One Page Application

A more recent project was the over haul to Initially this was a huge form, with very little thought towards the very users they were promoting it too. So I first broke it into four steps, implemented a somewhat standard validation library and masking for certain fields (for ZIP code format, phone, email, etc..) It’s a single page application, but to the user and Google Analytics, it seems as though it’s individual pages. And most of the form is dependency based, “If Question 34 is No, then display this second address box, etc.. I had also wanted to retain the users data entry, should their browser close/crash, etc..using local storage or even cookies, but we didn’t have the time unfortunately.

HTML5/CSS3 Project

This was a project to build a custom “mega menu”, that also had accordions in the child menus. It had to work with at least IE 7+, and degraded nicely. Also wrote new Selenium WebDriver testing scripts for it, as I had just finished setting up/upgrading my Selenium Grid servers. (for testing the UI on multiple platforms/browsers).