Custom LAMP CRM Application

A custom, “light” CRM LAMP application. PHP, MySQL, and jQuery using a custom PHP framework.

A temporary username/password can be setup upon request to review the application live.

Twitter Contest

Developed a site for a contest that involved Twitter. It loaded the avatars at random of users from their Twitter accounts (that had signed up), and a pop-up bubble would appear whenever they tweeted.The page is no longer up, but the source code is available upon request.

Stats & Graphing Application

Web application that displayed several different types of graphs based on data extracted from Excel spreadsheet. A cron job polled a folder for updates to the spreadsheets, then extracted the data, and updated the database and “last updated” text on the graph page. One graph was also updated real time. Wrote all of it, using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript/JQuery, and Linux.