Shipping Center Web Application

This custom web application is to allow for retailers to sign in and print shipping labels and track them.  As well as an “admin” side to control the shipping address, delivery method, mail settings, etc…  It uses the EasyPost API to work with UPS and other carriers to retrieve the shipping labels, as well as using webhooks so retailers can track their shipments and receive update notifications.   It’s built using PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.x using Laravel 4.2 as the framework.  And using “Flat UI” (a fork of Bootstrap 3.x) for the UI.  Please request a username/password if you’d like to explore it.

Interface Catheter Solutions

Highly customized WordPress 3.x site.  Customized theme, many custom plug-ins for form submission and administration.  Including a micro inventory system for spare part lookups.

Spring44 Distilling, Inc.

A WordPress 3.x site, with a “Locator” page using the Google Maps API to narrow down store searches based on ZIP code and Radius.

Avalon Labs

WordPress 3.x site using custom theme and two custom plugins.

PEVAR Physicians

A WordPress 3.x site using a custom theme and a few custom plug-ins (registering for training form submissions and a simple events/news manager).


A large site using WordPress 3.x, with a fully customized theme and plug-ins.  (Most of the plug-ins were for custom forms used across the site, as well as a mini-inter-admin to view submissions and to pull in news feeds).

Custom LAMP CRM Application

A custom, “light” CRM LAMP application. PHP, MySQL, and jQuery using a custom PHP framework.

A temporary username/password can be setup upon request to review the application live.

Multi-Step/Dependency One Page Application

A more recent project was the over haul to Initially this was a huge form, with very little thought towards the very users they were promoting it too. So I first broke it into four steps, implemented a somewhat standard validation library and masking for certain fields (for ZIP code format, phone, email, etc..) It’s a single page application, but to the user and Google Analytics, it seems as though it’s individual pages. And most of the form is dependency based, “If Question 34 is No, then display this second address box, etc.. I had also wanted to retain the users data entry, should their browser close/crash, etc..using local storage or even cookies, but we didn’t have the time unfortunately.

DMPS WordPress Project

Converted large scale CMS site from DotNetNuke/SQL Server to WordPress/MySQL. Did backend and frontend work. (not the design itself)

Twitter Contest

Developed a site for a contest that involved Twitter. It loaded the avatars at random of users from their Twitter accounts (that had signed up), and a pop-up bubble would appear whenever they tweeted.The page is no longer up, but the source code is available upon request.