Interface Catheter Solutions

Highly customized WordPress 3.x site.  Customized theme, many custom plug-ins for form submission and administration.  Including a micro inventory system for spare part lookups.

Spring44 Distilling, Inc.

A WordPress 3.x site, with a “Locator” page using the Google Maps API to narrow down store searches based on ZIP code and Radius.

Avalon Labs

WordPress 3.x site using custom theme and two custom plugins.

PEVAR Physicians

A WordPress 3.x site using a custom theme and a few custom plug-ins (registering for training form submissions and a simple events/news manager).


A large site using WordPress 3.x, with a fully customized theme and plug-ins.  (Most of the plug-ins were for custom forms used across the site, as well as a mini-inter-admin to view submissions and to pull in news feeds).

DMPS WordPress Project

Converted large scale CMS site from DotNetNuke/SQL Server to WordPress/MySQL. Did backend and frontend work. (not the design itself)

WordPress Blog and Custom Plugin

Setup a WordPress blog with a theme the client had picked out, set it all up, tweaked it for best performance and SEO related. Also created a custom news ticker.