Testimonials | Joshua Eckerman

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As Art Director of Red 5, I often worked with Josh as my primary technical resource. He was understanding of all creative aspects of projects as well as the technical aspects. He is very amiable, level-headed, and cares deeply about the quality of work on a given project. He was, by far, one of the easiest programmers to work with at Red 5 and I would gladly work with him again.

Brandon Cronk Chief Creative Officer, Red Five Interactive
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Josh does not fit the stereotypical role of “programmer” . Josh is a very charismatic person with a great personality. This helped him successfully work with some very difficult clients. Besides his immense talent as a programmer, his thought process and ability to see the bigger picture sets Josh apart.

It was a pleasure working with him and I would recommend him for any position he is applying for.

Wayne Middleton Director of Portal Operations, Iowa Interactive
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In the constantly changing landscape of the internet you need a special gift to stay on top. Josh has that gift. The drive to constantly evolve and adapt to new technologies and tackle challenges. Josh also harnesses the uncanny ability to take a design that’s given to him and seamlessly integrate it with his top of the line code. The end result? A fantastic marriage of form and function

Dan Noe Web Designer, Red Five Interactive
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Josh Eckerman was a very important member of the Iowa Interactive development team and is one of the best developers I have had the privilege of working with. Josh has the ability to learn new processes quickly and apply that knowledge to the development of customer applications. Josh could always be counted on to complete tasks on time and work very efficiently both on his own and with a group of developers.

Eric Gerling Director of Development, Iowa Interactive
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When Josh was hired at R5I, I was excited to work with him again, because he’s just plain fun to work with and a good worker, too. His can-do attitude about the tasks at hand and his desire to deliver quality solutions to customers are evident when you work side-by-side with him. He understands technology, and is a quick learner. When I needed to hand off projects to him, he always kept up with my explanations of design aspects, and when he asked questions, they were good ones.

Tim Larson Application Engineer, Red Five Interactive